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Middleton Place Print

Middleton Place is one of the oldest plantations in the Charleston area. The house was built in 1705 by John Williams. When his daughter, Mary, married Henry Middleton, the plantation was part of her dowry. Henry Middleton was involved in state and national politics, serving as president of the First Continental Congress and as a delegate to the Second Continental Congress. Henry passed on the plantation to his son, Arthur, who also served in the Second Continental Congress. Henry Middleton died before he could sign the Declaration of Independence, but Arthur Middleton was one of the signers from South Carolina. Union troops, during the Civil War, burned the main house and two  wings. The southern of the house was salvaged and used as the residence. The descendants, through the Middleton Foundation, still control the property and grounds.

This sketch, printed on archival paper, is double-matted, and can be purchased as either an 8x10 or 11x14 print, framed or unframed.